The band currently have long term player vacancies for 'Soprano Cornet'.  We may also be able to accommodate new members for some positions as we are looking to strengthen our membership base and improve our flexibility for upcoming concerts and contests.  Please contact Ria Stokes on 07368 371839 for details.

We currently rehearse on Thursdays 8pm to 10pm and the location details are on the 'About us' page.  All applicants must be able to commit to rehearsals on a weekly basis.  Full members of the band would normally be expected to contribute monthly subscriptions towards the bands running costs.  Taking individual circumstances into account however, the band may be able to offer reasonable expenses depending on distance travelled and experience.


Our current line up of musicians are as follows:

(Rehearsal at Richmond Hall, Benfleet March 2014)Cornets

* (vacant) (soprano), Cliff Pask (principal), Gavin Hall, Trevor Stubbington, Stephen Holgate, Stuart Pinborough, Jake Sudbery, Kathy Sutton, Ria Stokes, Gary Bailey

* Nick Bailey (flugelhorn), Keith Schroeter, Gerry Boniface, Laura Nicholls, Philippa Vincent

Euphoniums / Baritones
*Sam Noden, Keith Manners, Warren Ringer, Norman Smith

* Susan White, Kevin Timms, Michael Fowkes (bass)

* Jonathan Byfield, Andrew Marshall, Brian Vincent, Joe Tucker, Ray Phillips

* Mark Gibson

Musical Director - Melvin White

Melvin is one of the brass Band World’s most experienced conductors.  He has a Salvation Army background and studied at the Royal College of Music and the London College of Music.

Melvin has directed Championship Bands in the London area, the West of England, the Midlands and Wales.  He has qualified for National finals on over 30 occasions, the vast proportion at The Royal Albert Hall, but is also proud to have conducted BTM at the European Championships and had success with The GUS Band at the British Open & the All England Masters.

Melvin is in constant demand as a band trainer and guest conductor, working on a regular basis with a number of bands in the south and west of England.  More recently we has also directed a number of bands near Stavanger in Norway and has again taken part in their National Championships in 2019.  He is a member of the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators and has officiated at National Finals on four occasions.

Committee, Appointments and Representatives

Band President - Pam Challis

Musical Director - Melvin White


Chairman - Norman Smith

Band Secretary - Ria Stokes

Contest Secretary - Gary Bailey, Concert Secretary - Keith Manners, Advisory - Warren Ringer / Keith Schroeter

Website & Media - Michael Fowkes